We receive many testimonials from real people just like you who have chosen to make a clean break from a dirty habit.

Here is a tiny selection

Name: Christina
Location: London, England
I used to smoke 20 a day rising at weekends and social events. I would get up first thing and have a cigarette, I would eat quickly in order to have the first after meal cigarette - horrible !

I made the decision to stop on the morning of new years eve after smoking my last cigarette. I now have absolutely no desire to smoke, nor did I experience any of the - "I'll just have one " thoughts, that I used to get when trying to give up before.

Name: Caroline
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Hi my name is Caroline. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I used to smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day and had been doing so for 20 years. I found FreshStart by accident when I was surfing the net for information on lung cancer because I'd convinced myself I had it. I didn't really believe that FreshStart would work but I thought that I had nothing to lose except a habit that was killing me. It worked and I am now a non-smoker with a clean bill of health from my doctor. Best of all, my poor long-suffering husband cannot believe that I have not been grumpy, aggressive or emotional as I have been in the past when I have tried to stop smoking. Thank you so much Matt.

Name: Emily
Location: New York
"I listened to the file on Friday night after smoking around 5 cigarettes to gross myself out (to give added incentive to quit). After listening to the file, I couldn't believe that I'd even smoked one of those gross ciggies. I have been baffled all weekend, after going to a party and out to bars where I normally give into urges, that I have absolutely no need to smoke.

Anyway, thank Matt for me. Another satisfied client - and I'm passing around the idea to all my smoking buddies at work.

Name: David
Location: New Jersey
Prior Smoking Habit: 15 a day for 12 Years
"I’d been hiding my cigarette habit from my children and family for such a long time, I’d been feeling so guilty. I’d tried to quit before but it was always a struggle to maintain the resolve. I’m amazed at the lack of cravings, and at my new attitude towards smoking. I can’t believe I ever smoked. Thank You – I wish I’d done this years ago!"

Name: (Withheld on request)
Location: London, UK
Prior Smoking Habit: 5 a day (rising to 15 a day on weekends)
"It was when I worked out that smoking was costing me about 700 pounds a year that I decided to take action. For me, that’s the price of a holiday. FreshStart™ has helped me save money and kick a filthy habit."

Name: Julia
Location: New York City
Prior Smoking Habit: 20 a day
"The ban on smoking in bars killed me. One winter of huddling on the freezing sidewalk puffing away like a loser was enough for me. FreshStart™ took just one hour and 40 bucks – what a deal! Now I’m on the inside in the warm and I feel great."

Name: Bill
Location: Oregon
Prior Smoking Habit: 7–10 a day
"...I’ve now seen colleagues and friends suffer serious health problems related to smoking. My family relies on me, I could not afford to be sick and to do something, like smoking, that everyone knows can kill...just all of a sudden seemed to be the stupidest thing imaginable...FreshStart™ worked like a dream. I know I’ll never smoke again"

Name: Carrie
Location: USA
Prior Smoking Habit: Up to 40 a day, depending on the situation
"I’d tried everything...Gum and Patches and even quit for a while. I was on a business trip, in a hotel watching baseball on television and my team was losing badly. I smoked 25 in a row and felt nauseous. I logged on and found your site. Did the whole thing right there and then and have not smoked, or wanted to, since. Unbelievable."

I’m ready to become a non-smoker