Frequently Asked Questions - The Method

Why do I need to want to quit for myself?

No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. Any method that you use to quit (Patches, Gum, "Cold Turkey" or FreshStart™) will fail if you don’t actually want, on some level, to become a non-smoker. Some smokers believe that they genuinely "enjoy" smoking too much to quit or that it gives them some other perceived benefit (i.e. style, sex appeal, "coolness" etc).

I cannot help smokers who do not want to quit. Nothing can "overpower" your free will.
I can and do help people who have a desire to quit.
I help them achieve their goal quickly, cheaply, healthily and with no negative effects

Perhaps your wife / husband / children / partner / other important person, wants you to quit? Ask yourself this question. "If this person did not want me to quit, would I still want to be a non smoker for myself?" Be honest. If you decide that there is a large part of you that wants to quit for yourself then FreshStart™ will work for you.

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