Frequently Asked Questions - The Method

Will you make me do silly things like in a stage show?
Will I be out of control?

Most people’s only experience of hypnotism is either from a stage hypnotist that they have seen on TV - someone who makes his audience perform silly tricks and appear to be out of control.

The truth is that, despite appearances, the participants are 100% in control. They are willing to perform in a certain way for the audience. When the stage hypnotist selects his "team" he always asks something similar to "Who wants to come on stage and have a lot of fun here tonight?"

Those that raise their hands have already mentally agreed that they will be willing participants. And, in the CONTEXT of the performance they will engage in seemingly silly acts.

The person under hypnosis is ALWAYS in control. If the stage hypnotist was to suggest to them that they throw themselves off a building do you think they would? Of course not. No one has that type of power.

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