Frequently Asked Questions - The Method

1) How does FreshStart work™?

FreshStart™ uses established and safe hypnotherapeutic techniques to effect positive changes in your mind. Recognized by the American Medical Association, hypnotherapy is the only effective, craving free and permanent way to become a non smoker.

The FreshStart™ Method consists of a short online book and then a downloadable audio track. It will take about an hour in total to read the book and listen to the audio. You do not need to listen to the audio immediately after reading the book.

The book discusses your smoking habit and the audio helps you to permanently change your attitude towards the habit, making your transition to becoming a non-smoker a smooth one.

Hypnotherapy is simply a heightened state of awareness that enables your conscious and unconscious mind to better communicate. You see, your conscious mind tells you that the time is right for you to become a non-smoker. That is why you are here. But your unconscious mind (which controls the smoking habit) has, in the past, placed mental obstacles in the way of this conscious desire. That is why you have always failed to quit before, whichever technique you may have tried.

You've heard the expression. "If you put your mind to it, you can do anything"

Hypnotherapy helps you to put your mind to it.

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